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Speaking Up

February 14, 2017
“He had me over the railing of our balcony holding my neck and saying if you ever leave me I'll kill you. I was pregnant and didn't know what he would do to me if I told anyone, so I kept my mouth ...
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New Year, New You

January 05, 2017
“What brings you in today?” The fitness counselor asked this woman. The woman replied:“Well, honestly, I went to the doctors this week and had a check-up...I was just so exhausted and needed to fig...
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Why Gratitude Improves Our Lives

November 29, 2016
We all know we should be more grateful in our day to day lives.  But what if it feels like you have more things to complain about than express thanks for?  As a society, we are exposed to tons of a...
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Transformation Story: Becoming a Better Person

October 24, 2016
In one month my husband and I will be having our first child. I can’t begin to describe the whirlwind of emotions I’ve experienced over the past 9 months. There is part of you that is so excited to...
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Transformation Story: Optimism

October 18, 2016
On the outside, her world seemed perfect. Highly intelligent, beautiful, charismatic...she lived in a picture perfect home with a picture perfect family. If you weren't already her friend, you want...
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Transformation Story: Belonging Part II

October 04, 2016
The last article explained a young man's journey through adoption. It spoke of the struggles and adjustments he went through to get to the happy place he is at today. Now I would like to share the ...
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