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A Transformation Story: The Courage to Find Happiness

A Transformation Story: The Courage to Find Happiness

My transformation did not happen overnight, it took several months and countless sleepless nights.

 A stressful workplace and limited options forced me to think bigger. I had just graduated after pursuing a Master's degree. When I went out in the job market I found it was very competitive and not offering what I expected for my education and experience. I took a few part time jobs at first. Reality set in after months of searching for my dream job, many of my friends were getting laid off and rents in my neighborhood were skyrocketing. I decided to settle for job that gave me health insurance and a steady paycheck. The workplace was tense and the managers were abrasive. I’m mostly kept my head down and did my work but the environment began to take a toll on me physically. I wasn’t sleeping and I eating horribly. I dealt with screaming managers in the office, only to come home exhausted and unfulfilled. My family and close friends began to comment on the change in my normally upbeat personality.

The moment I decided to make a change…

The moment I decided to make a change in my life was during another unproductive staff meeting. My manager was being rude and I was given another project that had nothing to do with my position.  I knew that I wanted to quit my job but how? I began to take walks during my lunch hour and really think about what I wanted for my future. I understood that no one could make me happy but myself and I was ready for a big change. I wanted to feel like I was living for more than a paycheck and I knew it would be difficult. I was going against everything that I was taught that was right by leaving a steady job.  

But I had Faith…

I had faith in God; I had faith in my skills and myself. I decided to begin freelancing online, I was no longer was confined to an office from 9 to 6, and I could enjoy daylight again. I began to travel abroad, living places where the cost-of-living was much lower than my previous neighborhood. I experience different cultures and have met some wonderful people including my fiancé.

Tips for Others…

I wish I could say I took the longer and safer route of saving a lot of money before leaving my job but it was more of a leap off a cliff. I didn’t have a lot of savings so I utilized websites like to help with housing costs while I worked on projects. There are plenty of resources online that can help you with transitioning in your life. Do a lot of research and think outside of the box for solutions. 

Am I Happier Now?

When I think back on that difficult time in my life, I am convinced that it was a test of my of strength and perseverance. I'm not afraid of the future or obstacles that may lay ahead for me.  I'm taking care of myself and have less stress, I eat healthier and swim daily. I now have more control over my life, especially the jobs that I take and that makes me happy.

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