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The Word Changes

We seek to inspire, to ignite change, to bring clarity, to reveal purpose, and to bring you to that AHA moment! We believe WORDs are the vehicle for this. WORDS affect us, they explain our past, our present and our future.

A single WORD is powerful. It can provoke thought. It can change the direction of your life. And that WORD, that oneWORD can transform over time, it can take on a new meaning, as you live life that WORD can change.

oneWord. Transforming lives.

Through our mission we want to transform lives! We want to increase the quality of lives, oneWORD at a time. Two-thirds of our profits will go towards providing resources to transform the lives of children and young adults. We aim to make an impact on Humanity by joining the fight against child hunger and encouraging higher education amongst young adults. oneFUTURE.


We offer encouraging, thought provoking products such as t-shirts, mugs, greeting cards, handbag, Jewelry, and the "One Word" single. As we grow we will continue to add items in line with our mission.


To learn more about the word changes visit our YouTube channel and watch our videos! 

Email: thewordchanges@gmail.com



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