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New Year, New You

New Year, New You

“What brings you in today?” The fitness counselor asked this woman.

The woman replied:“Well, honestly, I went to the doctors this week and had a check-up...I was just so exhausted and needed to figure out why. The doctor did the full check up, I was informed I had diabetes, and was 25 pounds heavier then the month before. You know how you know you are eating bad and you think you might be gaining a little weight...25 pounds in one month though! Unacceptable. I am, because I have to do something, I have no other option.”

“When was the last time you worked out? Or felt like you were in shape?”

“I don't know to be honest... Back in highschool I was an athlete and took pride in my body but then work got in the way, I had three kids, you know how that goes haha. Umm, probably back in highschool.”

“Have you had a gym membership before?”

“Yes. I have had one for the last three years at the Y, I just never seem to have the time to go.”

“Has anything changed in your schedule to free up your time to allow you to come here often?”

“No, I still work the same hours but I don't care, after that doctors visit, I will make the time. This gym is closer to my house so I have no excuse not to go. I have to pass it on the way to and from work so I can't say it's out of my way to stop in here.”

“You seem extremely motivated, those are the kind of people we want to help. I see a lot of people come in here and say they want to change. They will come for a couple of weeks and then leave...What is the 'why' behind what will motivate you every day to walk through our doors, push yourself and not give up?”

“It's for me. I'm so sick of being so tired. I'm sick of feeling uncomfortable in my own body. I was an athlete for godsakes... That doctors visit was my why. To let yourself get to a point where you don't even realize you put on 25 pounds in one month...that's ridiculous! I want to be in control of me again.”

“Ok, that's all I needed to hear! Everyone that walks in this door must find their 'why'. I like to hear what is going to drive the person and when your why is solely based on what you want for you, that is when you will be successful! Let's hook you up with this membership and get you started towards reaching your goals!”


This was a conversation a woman had when in vulnerability she opened up to a gym membership consultant. She had reached the point in her life of “do or die”. Ever since the birth of her 2nd child she had talked of getting back into shape. Ten years later she was finally seeing the effects of talking, rather than doing. She was tired but in her exhaustion she found the strength to once again go after her goal. Sometimes it takes reality smacking us in the face to wake us up and put us back on track. For this woman, seeing the 25 pound weight gain was all she needed to jumpstart her back into gear. Some of us have built a habit of shying away from reality. We fear if we face reality we may see something we don't want. Have you ever considered the fact that maybe seeing what we don't want to see, is the very thing we need to see to put us back on track....

This woman signed herself up for a three year commitment to that gym. She was fully dedicated. It is now two years in and this woman has been consistently waking up every weekday and hitting the gym before work. She hates cardio, yet she pushes herself to do it first because she knows that will ultimately help her reach her goal. She sat down with a personal trainer and planned out her meals. She meal preps every week so she has no excuse to stop for fast food on the way home because her dinner is already made, in the fridge, just waiting for her to come heat it up. She made a choice. She faced fear head on by visiting the doctor and then she conquered her fear by enrolling herself in a gym that would get her the results she was seeking. It is only two years later and she has lost much more then that 25 pounds, her energy is back up and she once again feels in control of her life.

Here's the thing.... She did all of the work. She sought out the things she needed to achieve her goal and then implemented them into her life. She went ten years talking and in one moment, one visit to the doctor, she made the decision to start acting. At any given moment you can make the change. Once you find your “why” behind the goal you are trying to achieve, nothing can stop you. No excuse in the world will be big enough to deffer you, because you will have a reason to overcome anything thrown your way. Find your 'why'! It's a new year, make yourself a new you!

-A the word changes contributor 

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