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oneWORD 2.0 Tote Bag

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oneWORD 2.0 Tote Bag

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We all evolve ... right? Well that's what we are doing with our new design! oneWORD™ 2.0. We want to keep it fresh and interesting but with our same goal in mind which is to be The Fashion Brand That Motivates™ oneWORD™ at a time!

Our NEW words:

STRONG. Your inner strength is on 💯. You may not feel like it right now but you can fake it till you get there 😁. The mind is powerful thing. Keep the STRONG. shirt close by as constant reminder of who you are, a STRONG. individual!

HALLELUJAH. The highest praise. Who are you praising. Honoring. Revering. Wear the HALLELUJAH shirt as a continuous form of praise.

AMEN. Agreement. Approval. Let's stand in agreement with one another as brothers and sisters not foe and enemy.

Carry this tote bag  and encourage yourself and those around you.

Medium Tote description:

  • Dimensions: 16"length x 16"width; Strap: 28" length
  • Material:
    • Exterior: 100% sturdy brushed polyester
    • Interior: 100% polyester nonwoven laminate
  • 100% cotton web handles
  • Printed then sewn for edge-to-edge designs
  • Black laminated lining for extra support
  • Spot or dry clean only
  • Made in the USA
  • oneWORD logo on backside of tote