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The Power of Words

April 19, 2020
I was in a hospital bed. Sadly, it wasn’t an unfamiliar sight. For the past few years hospitals seemed to be my second home. I’ve been in and out of the hospital, getting emergency treatment for li...
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Transformation Story: Belonging Part II

October 04, 2016
The last article explained a young man's journey through adoption. It spoke of the struggles and adjustments he went through to get to the happy place he is at today. Now I would like to share the ...
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Transformation Story: Finding Faith

June 07, 2016
She like many of us others, had to hit her bottom.  Her whole world was falling apart around her... financially, emotionally, relationally ... She realized she had completely checked out of life, a...
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The Word Changes: A Journey in Courage

May 24, 2016
An excruciating game of tug of war plays in her head every day. A war rages, one side fighting for sobriety, the other warring for a relapse. For her, the substances seem to have taken on a voice o...
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