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Transformation Story: Belonging Part II

October 04, 2016
The last article explained a young man's journey through adoption. It spoke of the struggles and adjustments he went through to get to the happy place he is at today. Now I would like to share the ...
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Transformation Story: Belonging

September 27, 2016
Humans instinctively search for a place to belong. The first place most people feel this, is within their families, but some are not so lucky. I had the opportunity to interview a young man that wa...
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Transformation Story: Feeling Your Loss

July 26, 2016
It was the end of sophomore year, sitting in class she listened to the teacher drag on and on. The door opened behind her, she turned to see her principal pointing to her and asking her to come wit...
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Transformation Story: Finding Faith Part II

June 14, 2016
If God has a purpose for your life, one way or another He will get you to it no matter how long it takes. God opened her eyes to her purpose one year prior to the opening of their restaurant. She ...
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