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When Your PATIENCE Rewards You

When Your PATIENCE Rewards You

When Your PATIENCE Rewards You

Spring, senior year of high school was the time I felt most disappointed in myself. Vividly, I remember the moment of anxiously tearing open the small, white envelope that held my future enclosed between two thin paper walls. Shaking, I pulled out and unfolded the letter, ready to embrace what was printed on the page. “Thank you for your application. Unfortunately at this moment you have been waitlisted to our main campus…” I remember staring blankly at those words, reading them over and over, hoping they would change each time I revisited them and feeling the pain over and over each time they didn’t. Shocked and speechless, I felt the first of many tears stream down my face as I let both my letter and dreams fall to the floor. My hope of going to college at UConn Storrs was over and I never felt more disappointed in myself.

Fast forward to freshman year of college where my limited options led me to choose UMass Amherst. I was not happy to have my freshman year of college be somewhere that was merely a back-up school recommended by my school guidance counselor, one which I never thought I’d have to resort to. I was bitter and upset; longing to be in a place I could not be. Ultimately, my first couple weeks at UMass were unfortunately miserable. I felt lost, lonely, and misplaced. I was ready to transfer.

As the weeks kept going by, I still had a sense of hopelessness that I was doubtful was going to go away. Up until this point in the semester, I had only really connected with my roommate whom I am grateful to say turned out to be an amazing person inside and out (and not the cliché roommate horror story). That is until one day I ran into two girls at lunch one afternoon and ended up talking with them for hours. After this day, I truly knew I had met two of my best friends and things were going to get better.

Now as a second semester sophomore at UMass, I look back to that day I got rejected to the school I dreamt of going to and I understand. I no longer feel disappointed in myself, but rather grateful that things happened the way they did. Throughout my journey at UMass I have met the most amazing people. I fell in love for the first time with someone who’s a dreamer with one of the biggest hearts. Although he may no longer be in my life, I am thankful to say he has changed my life and me for the better. I met an incredible group of friends, who I can be myself with and not feel judged – friends I can easily say will stay in my life for the long run. I have accomplished three semesters on the Dean’s list at UMass and got accepted into the Isenberg School of Management. In a couple of years I will be able to say I graduated UMass with a double major of Communication and Marketing.

It took me some time to realize the path I was on was the right one. After going through this journey, it is easy for me to say that I truly believe what is right for you will come to you, but you must have patience and accept what is given. I am finally able to say the words I never thought I would: I love UMass and I wouldn’t transfer for the world.

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