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God is real!

God is real!

For those of you who may be questioning whether God is REAL read my testimony below: 

Last night I attended a prayer meeting that was organized by a friend.  I knew the person who was hosting it at her house but I hadn't seen or communicated with her in over two years. I had heard that she had been diagnosed with and treated for breast cancer but that is all I knew.  I almost didn't go to the meeting because there was so much going on, but I pushed through and went. 

During the prayer meeting the woman hosting turned to me and said, "two months ago God told me to pray for you. He said that they found something and they did not know what it was but you were going to be ok."  I was in shock because no one in that room knew what happened to me two months ago, almost to the day.  I had had an appointment for a mammogram and they found some calcium clusters that could indicate cancerous cells and they wanted me to get a biopsy.  I prayed and I called on my friends and pastors to pray for me.  During the biopsy God showed me that He was there.  The nurse who was taking the imaging to pinpoint where the biopsy should be performed commented, "someone must be looking over you. We usually have to take several of these images to get a good one.  We got yours on the first try. It's perfect."  I knew this was God's way of telling me that everything would be ok.  They did not find cancer, thank God but I do have to get what they identified in my breast removed.  But, what brings joy to my heart is the LOVE that God has for me.  So much so that He called on this woman who had walked a similar walk to pray for me and what was so beautiful is that she was OBEDIENT.  I pray that every person reading this will be obedient to what God calls on you to do because you don't know who's life you could be saving. 

When I finally made it to this mammogram appointment, it had been my third attempt.  The first time there was an accident on the highway and I got to my appointment too late.  The next time traffic was also an issue. I began to wonder what was going on!  I couldn't seem to make it to the appointment. But, then God called upon this woman to intercede on my behalf and as I write this I am tearing up because God so loved the world that He sent His only begotten son so that we could have life and have it more abundantly.  Many of you don't know the woman behind the "the word changes."  But, I can tell you that I have had many trials especially with my health but what keeps me going are moments like these when I see God's hand in my life.  I pray that someone is touched by this and that you decide today to give Him a chance to show himself in your life.  

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