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Simply use the hashtags referred to on to tag your photos on Instagram or Twitter. By participating, you acknowledge and give your consent that your photos may be featured on, and be used to link through to the products you're wearing.

If you shared the photo, you own it. However, by tagging and sharing your pictures, you are granting the word changes a license to use your photos and post them on Olapic, Inc. helps the word changes provide the photo sharing process.

To remove a photo, please click on the report icon (remove it from the site), fill out the pop-up, click report, and upon confirmation the photo will be removed.

When you submit a photo (via Instagram or Twitter) using a hashtag set forth by, your use of Instagram and Twitter is governed by the terms and conditions of those sites.



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We do not accept returns but we will exchange any item(s) damaged during shipping.  The item(s) must be postmarked within 14 days of your date of purchase.  For example, if you purchased a shirt on November 6, it must be postmarked and on its way to us by November 20.  Please contact us at: prior to sending any item(s) to us.