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Volunteering: What Does It Say About Me?

Volunteering: What Does It Say About Me?

Volunteering: What Does It Say About Me?

Volunteering is the gift that keeps on giving, and one that can benefit multiple people in multiple ways While the difference you make by giving your time and talents to a cause isn’t always something you can measure or see , there’s no doubt that the world is benefiting  from your efforts. Volunteering is often seen as something that is individualized, but if you volunteer as a group you can be a part of a larger result. A great example of group volunteering is Habitat for Humanity, where a whole house can be built even if you individually only assisted in laying the foundation. People volunteer for many different reasons, but one reason is the tribe mentality and the thought that all of us are one. Even if what I do is something small, I know that I am contributing to the greater good of humanity. As I did research on what it means to volunteer for writing this blog, I found it interesting that the question “What does volunteering say about me?” was not answered. I found many different articles expressing how great volunteering looks on your resume or the traits of great volunteers, but not what does it say about me? So, I decided to look into this unanswered question –  what does it say about me to volunteer?

Volunteering and Me

Volunteering is a selfless act. When you volunteer, no one is watching what you are doing.  Volunteering is getting up when you are tired and giving to a cause that you believe in. When one volunteers it is a part of a person that is personal. What I mean about that is you get to investigate the soul of a person when you find what they volunteer for. A powerful volunteering project I recently came across is the men and women who hold children when they are days old or premature to nurture them. What does that say about them? It says that they know that a child can only survive through the arms of an adult. Children can grow just by an adult touching them and giving them something that is not usually tangible. One cannot be conceded or evil when holding a baby that is helpless and needs you. The idea that this child counts on you and others to hold them to grow, feed and sleep better is powerful. These men and women give their time to beings that will never be able to thank them or return any favor someday. They are people who care selflessly about all living things because they believe in the greater good of humanity. They volunteer because they are the first interaction of love to that child and maybe holding these children will make a difference in their lives. It really says a lot about a person when you look at what they are doing when no one else is watching and when they aren’t expecting anything in return.

Places to volunteer

Even though the example above was a tearjerker, it was to express the true gift and meaning of volunteering. Volunteering can be giving yourself to an individual you usually don’t know and will never know. If you truly think about it that is an amazing aspect of humanity. There are many various places one can volunteer, and I’ve put together a list of just a few options below. Let’s start the discussion about what volunteering says about you? What causes are close to your heart?

Volunteer opportunities                                                                                                                                                                                                                         (I don’t know enough about these organizations to endorse them                 but they seem to be doing some cool work :-).  Check them out for     yourself.)

  • Volunteer Virtually,
  • GirlVentures, (GirlVentures inspires girls to lead through outdoor adventure, inner discovery, and collective action.)
  • Code For America, (“Code for America uses the principles and practices of the digital age to improve how government serves the American public, and how the public improves government.”)
  • Purple Heart Homes, (“Purple Heart Homes is dedicated to providing housing for Service Connected Disabled Veterans that is substantial in function, design, and quality fit to welcome home the fighting men and women of America.”)
  • Project Linus, Website: (“At Project Linus, a non-profit organization, we provide homemade blankets to children in need.  Our blankets are lovingly made by adults and children from all walks of life and many different sources.” 
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