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Transformation Story: Antiquing Brings Positive Lessons on Living

Transformation Story: Antiquing Brings Positive Lessons on Living

Jim and Jan are no strangers to keeping a positive outlook on life. They live and work in Nebraska, running a collectible and antique store. Jan will be turning 80 years old in September. Jim is 84 years old. The couple have some words of wisdom on how to have a positive outlook during tough times.

Jan’s advice is simple but down to earth. “Look for the good things,” she says. “Make a list of good things you see. The problem is we always look for the bad things.” Jan has a lifetime of experience. She has raised four children with Jim. They have been married for almost 58 years. What’s their secret?

Jan says they made a decision to devote their lives to each other. Early in their relationship, they decided to put their marriage above making lots of money. They choose to focus on each other instead of wealth or a career. The couple never leave each other without a kiss. The couple are not a wealthy couple. But, even in today’s struggling economy, they are a couple who loves each other and what they do for a living. Jan’s personality is bubbling and welcoming. Customers who walk into her store can expect a smile, a hot cup of coffee, and a lively conversation.

Jim smiles and says she’s the talker. He says the store helps them keep a positive outlook on life. “The store gives us a reason to get up in the morning. You plant your feet on the ground and go,” he says. The couple says running the store is part of what keeps their attitudes positive. They love being around their customers.

“At our age we like to meet people. Whether we make a dime or a $100 it doesn’t matter. We try to keep a positive attitude and a smile on our face,” says Jim. He believes a lot of their success is due to the relationships they’ve formed with customers over the years. They both say having a positive outlook is essential for being business owners. His wife, Jan, believes having a positive outlook on life is about the kind of people we surround ourselves with. She also has a firm foundation in her faith.

“God is big in my life. Listen to positive people. I know it’s not money that makes you happy. So, it’s got to be the people around you and your outlook on life,” said Jan. The couple has never considered making money from their store their biggest priority. Instead, they hope customers enjoy browsing their antiques and leave with a smile and an interesting story. Jim likes to say they sell “memories.” Like Jan, his advice on having a positive outlook on life is also down to earth.

“Number one, is to have a relationship with the Lord. As I get older, I take it one day at a time and try to find the positive in people. Stay focused on the now. Sometimes when you look at someone, you think something. And you find out you’re wrong. “Take it one day at a time,” said Jim. The advice from Jim and Jan is simple but true. In today’s complicated world, we can all benefit from surrounding ourselves with positive people, staying focused in the now, and taking life one day at a time.

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