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Negotiate A Better Salary In The New Year

Negotiate A Better Salary In The New Year

At the start of a new year, you might be thinking of ways in which you can kick-start 2018 on a fresh slate. Perhaps eating better, exercising more, meditating or improving your work/life balance are all part of a plan for a healthier and more positive you. Well this year, we would like you to think about this career-driven resolution to see if it’s worthy of being added to your list: negotiating your salary. We know, it sounds intimidating. Discussions surrounding money are never easy, but if you feel there is room to increase your earnings, keep reading to get a few tips to help you negotiate your salary the right way for the new year.

Before you ask anything, be sure to do your homework. How well has your company done in the past year? How much are others in the same profession and geographic location making? You’ll want to research these things first to determine if now is the proper time to ask for a bump in your salary. Know the numbers and see if it makes sense for you to ask for more money given the status of the company and economy. This will also help you know how much more to ask for when negotiating.

Be ready to prove yourself. If the timing is right, having proof of why you deserve the raise is so important to back yourself up. Be able to show your superior how you’ve gone above and beyond and why you’re a major asset to the team. The more you can document your role in helping your company succeed, the better your chances of your boss working with you to make you happy. Know your value so you can prove it and be paid your true worth.

Be confident, but relaxed. The number one reason people don’t ask for more money is because of fear. Of course it can be a little scary to ask a superior for more money, but just remember that this is a normal part of business. If you have a good working relationship with your boss and are doing positive things for the company, then there shouldn’t be any harm in asking. Have confidence in your decision to do so and be prepared to hold your ground. You’re asking because it’s something you feel you deserve and you have the proof to show your boss just that. Just don’t allow yourself to get too worked up over it. Think of this as more of a chat with your boss and be relaxed about it so the overall tone of the conversation is friendly.

Consider your other options. Just in case your boss absolutely won’t budge on salary, have some other ideas in mind that aren’t money-related but will help improve your morale at the job. It might be more time working from home, flex time, vacation time or a title change. Think of other changes your boss could make that would help keep you there and keep you happy in case a raise just isn’t in the cards. If there really isn’t anything your job can offer you and you’ve decided you’ve outlived your value at a particular place, don’t be afraid to start looking for something new. Sometimes it’s the only option for growth.

Always put your best foot forward.  If you’ve thought about it and determined that asking for a raise doesn’t make sense for you this year, think now about how in the next year you can really positively contribute to the company. Is there more training you can do to help take on other tasks? Are there ways you could be more efficient to take on a greater workload? Think of the ways in which you can go above and beyond so that next year – or even sooner – you’ll have the proof needed to continue climbing the career ladder. Wishing you much success in 2018!

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