Live Courageously 2017: Overcome Fear – Accomplish Your Goals

Live Courageously 2017: Overcome Fear – Accomplish Your Goals

What is the one thing standing between you and your goals? You may think it’s lack of opportunity or time or resources. Or maybe you haven’t met the right people or had the right offer yet. Perhaps the stars haven’t quite aligned for the door to open. But I think the only thing standing between us and accomplishing our goals is fear.

Some people actually struggle with fear of success. Down deep inside at the subconscious level, we feel like we don’t deserve success, or we won’t be able to maintain it. Sometimes we’re afraid of how success might change us or affect our personality or relationships. Will we be different people after we’ve reached our goals? If so, who exactly will we be? And will we actually like the person we’ve become? If we struggle with any of these feelings, we might sabotage our own success and never achieve our dreams.

Additionally, as we are pursuing our goals, it’s not uncommon to encounter naysayers and dream-stealers who discourage and distract us. Maybe they mean well and don’t want us to be disappointed if we fail (because they failed too), so they try to spare us from the pain of failure. But in the end, if we are afraid to wholeheartedly follow our passion, we end up disappointed anyway, don’t we?

As you can see, fear is something we must push through in order to accomplish our dreams. If we live in fear and allow it to overcome us, we cannot expect to reach our goals. We must be determined – even courageous – to follow our life’s purpose. We can’t let fear cripple us or discourage us from even trying.
Instead of fear, we need faith. Faith helps us believe that our purpose is worth chasing after and that success is possible. Instead of being timid about our mission, we need to foster a passion for it which will inspire others and shut down the naysayers. Rather than doubting our calling and fearing failure, we must discipline ourselves to develop our gifts, talents and abilities. We’re fooling ourselves if we think our dreams will just happen miraculously. The truth is, it takes a lot of self-discipline and self-development to reach our goals.

We must resist feelings of fear that try to paralyze us and hinder us from achieving what God created us to accomplish. Our determination must be stronger than our fears. We must feed our faith and starve our fears by resisting negative feelings and defeating thoughts. We must intentionally replace negativity with strength, love and determination.

If you are someone that is still trying to discover your life purpose, it will take courage to discover what your calling is. It’s easy to just coast through life aimlessly, but it sure isn’t fulfilling. Finding your purpose takes intentional action and patience. And once you find your calling, fearlessly step into it with all your heart, embrace self-discipline to develop it, and courageously resist any negativity that tries to discourage you from accomplishing your mission.

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