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Healing and Teaching Through Music

Healing and Teaching Through Music

A lot of factors of everyday life change our perception of how we view the world. We often use art as a means to see the world as it is and remain hopeful to changing it for the better.

Music, the art of organized sound, happens to be one of those arts that transforms the perception. Although music has different ways to express itself, it often bridges the gap between people and cultures. Not only that, music connects to people on mentally and emotionally creating a person who connects to strangers who potentially become closer than family.

Brittany Holloway, a radio hostess who studied media production in Atlanta, Ga., walked along that bridge in the early years of her life. “I have always had a passion for music,” she said. “I guess I realized it saves and influences people.” Brittany is an aspiring singer who’s pursuing a career in R&B. She utilizes social media creating opportunities to connects to friends and music enthusiasts alike, hoping to get her message out to the world.

“Music changed my life by giving me the platform to express how I feel,” Brittany went on to say. She also said that music allows her to reflect, mirroring the same feelings someone else might have.

And in tough times, Brittany attacks emotional and physical pain through singing. “I sing through the pain, I sing through the hurt,” she emphasized in an interview with The Word Changes. To Miss Holloway, music and singing makes her happy.

Some music enthusiasts don’t have the vocal chords to express music beautifully, but they still have the drive to indulge in its beauty. With the creation of musical instruments, a person can emulate their personality through an instrument.

For Baltimore native, Teddy Washington, the saxophone was instrument of choice. He found his inspiration in third grade when he saw musicians play instruments at Hillcrest Elementary School in Catonsville, Maryland. “I witnessed the sounds [of] trumpets and saxophones,” Mr. Washington said in an interview.

The power of the alluring woodwind captured him, connecting him to a fine sound that would later become a passion that forwarded his career into teaching music.

“My junior year of high school, I showed a freshman some techniques about saxophone,” Teddy recalled. “He was so elated, and I was genuinely happy for him to learn, so I decided to use my knowledge to pass along to others.”

To teach is a great responsibility, it’s mastership passed along like a priceless heirloom. Teddy is willing to share that with students of music. His hope: teach the art to a passionate person transforming their musical talent into a soul that can touch anyone that hears it.

Like any other art, music is the interpretation of soul. It’s a transformation, a release of passion that can transform and connect to one another. And teaching music shows a deeper love for the art. A teacher passes knowledge, giving the student all that they know encouraging them to be the best they could possibly be.

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