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It's POSSIBLE!  Don't get discouraged.  Just keep moving forward!


As many of you know, I just finished planning and executing the word changes experience which was my launch event. It was not without challenges. But, I knew that what I had envisioned was POSSIBLE. The biggest challenge was making sure that the venue would be transformed into what I envisioned, a simple but classy space. In order to accomplish that many different vendors were involved. I knew I wanted to serve food, have a photo booth, a red, apple green and white color palate, music, red carpet for the fashion show, my vending table and most important was I knew that I wanted people to leave the event feeling like their life had been impacted in some way. I wanted it to be an EXPERIENCE! So … that included telling the story of how I started this movement. I am naturally someone that likes to be behind the scenes. But, when you believe in something and have a passion for it you find yourself doing things that are outside of your comfort zone. :-) That’s where my faith comes in.

So with the key pieces of my vision set, I begin to fill in the pieces and some things had to change. But, it was for the better. For instance, I wanted someone to play the piano and sing as the models came down the red carpet. I was firm about this :-) I saw it in my vision so I wanted it. But, when I reached out to the keyboardist and he mentioned he was in a band, a light bulb went off in my head. I thought … hmmm live band sounds even better. I went to see the band and knew they were it!   I actually went to see them two weeks in a row. That’s how good they were :-). Lesson learned here … sometimes you need to loosen the reign on the vision in order for great alternatives to present themselves.

Another example, initially I was going to have colored uplighting around the room. I thought it would add an ambience to the room and I wouldn’t need to decorate much. Great! But when I visited the venue during the time block for my event I realized it was bright daylight at 7:30 pm! My event was from 5-7:30 pm in a room with huge windows that allowed the beautiful sunlight to run wild. So… uplighting was out!

I then needed to decide on an alternative way to liven up the room. After doing some research I decided to have large words placed around the venue in the different rooms. It took some research but I found a company that could make the words for me within my budget. Although, it took a while to finally find someone to do this for me, I never quit because something on the inside of me told me that it was within my reach.

I don’t want to list each and every challenge that I came across but I just wanted to share with you that your vision is POSSIBLE. You may have to tweak it along the way (as I learned) but it will still be your vision. Be as true as POSSIBLE to the vision. Right it down, make it plain and then run with it! You will have to put in the work, but it is POSSIBLE. You may get discouraged, but it is POSSIBLE.

And remember, you can’t do it all on your own. You could have the greatest vision/idea ever created but if you don’t have people around you to help you execute it, that vision is worthless. You can’t master everything. BUT, you should have an understanding of the things that go into creating your vision. So get up and get started! It’s POSSIBLE!


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