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the word changes

Our Beginning

the "physical" brand of the word changes began with a vision of this t-shirt. I saw it like a flash through my thoughts one day when I was in that quiet place where I often get clarity on issues I am dealing with. What struck me about this t-shirt was the power of the word and how for some that word carries massive power and for others it means nothing. I began to meditate on the fact that words are powerful and the meaning of a particular word is specific to the individual that is thinking about it. The more I meditated on the word, I thought about how a single word can impact someone’s life for the better or for the worse. WORDs are alive, active and they carry power. A word can make you smile or cry. You can use words to uplift someone or tear them apart.

I know what words have done for me in my own personal life. Words have encouraged me when I was going through some very serious medical issues, work issues, and business issues. When things looked very bad for me words are what kept me going. Whether it was releasing out loud the frustration of the situation, listening to music to lift my spirits, or hearing someone confirm that things would get better. Words are what got me through it and continue to thrust me forward into my purpose and destiny.

God’s word (the Bible) is my foundation. I have seen what it has done in my life and therefore I am convinced that it is ALIVE and REAL. Read my Facebook and Instagram page to see God’s word in action. Because of the impact it has had on my life you will often see God’s word referenced in this blog and on my social media pages because I give it full credit for the reason I am still alive.

I believe the fundamental reason we are all here on this earth is to touch the lives of others. To transform lives. Whether it is by giving someone an encouraging word or offering your time or money to help someone in need.

Transformation comes from acknowledging that there is something to change. My hope is that the word changes will provoke thought, meditation and encouragement that will lead to transformed lives.

How will we do that?

WORDs: We will post different words on our social media pages along with a question or a comment asking you to “think about it” with the hope that you will acknowledge what’s right or wrong in your life.

Fashion: We will use t-shirts, mugs and greeting cards, and other products as we grow, to showcase different words that we hope will provoke thought and change.

Giving: Two-thirds of our profits, from the sale of our products, will go towards providing resources to transform the lives of children and young adults. We aim to make an impact on humanity by joining the fight against child hunger and encouraging higher education among young adults. There will also be times when we are lead to support other causes and we look forward to that opportunity.

On the word changes blog you will find:

“Behind the WORD” where you will read the story (reason) behind some of the words that we post.

“the word changes feature” where you will read how people have impacted our business and how we have impacted the lives of others.

“Announcements” about different campaigns or events that we are planning or plan to be involved in.


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Transforming lives oneWORD at a time!



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